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    Call of the Stars

    Call of the Stars: Adventures of the Scouters

    Choosing a future among the stars. Call of the Stars: Adventures of the Scouters is part of a series of stories following the scout ships exploring the fringes of space.


    Joshua looked up, toward the stars. They shimmered along the Barrier and he wasn’t sure he was seeing the projected stars, or lights from the apartment tower next door shining through it. He looked higher yet, up to where the Barrier thinned and melded with the real sky. It wasn’t a perfect 1948 sky. The light from the city spilled over, dimming the crisp perfection of the stars. Still, he could see them, could see the hazy whiteness of the Milky Way, the vivid constellations of the zodiac. He wished he could see the glint of sunlight off the mammoth bulk of Terra Two station, but it was too far off in its synchronous orbit, and at this latitude it would be below the edge of the Barrier anyhow. Besides, the Adjusters would never allow that Anachronism to shine in Joshua’s sky.

    His throat tight, Joshua felt a cold tear slide down his cheek. Angrily, he swiped it away. That would do no good. He’d have to find another way out of this. He was going to space, that he vowed, but it wasn’t going to be in the hold of a colony ship.