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    In the Kitten Scrum

    In the Kitten Scrum: A Cat Mama, I Am Story

    Happy Endings Guaranteed!

    In the Kitten Scrum: A Cat Mama, I Am Story
    by Deann Lee
    available in print at

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    In the Kitten Scrum A Cat Mama I Am Story

    In the Kitten Scrum: A Cat Mama, I Am Story is a family-friendly photo story showing a mother cat and her kittens, from birth to finding their Forever Homes.

    One day a pretty black and white kitty asked, “Will you be nice to me? Or mean?”

    Desperately hungry, clearly about to have kittens, this lovely girl touched our hearts and our lives. “Nice,” was the answer as we did our best for her and her family.

    Come enjoy some time in the Kitten Scrum, the kicking, squirming, tussling pile of kitten joy that dear cat presented to us.

    A delightful gift for the cat-lover in your life.

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    In the Kitten Scrum: A Cat Mama, I Am Story
    available in print at

    In the Kitten Scrum: A Cat Mama, I Am Story
    available in print at

    Sultana: A Case For Sabotage

    Sultana: A Case For Sabotage

    From the groundbreaking North & South magazine article, featured on The History Channel in “Civil War Terror,” and in PBS “History Detectives.”

    GET THE WHOLE STORY of Confederate boatburner and spy, Robert Louden, called the “murderer of the age.” Learn about his connection to the captain of the steamer Sultana, and about the band of saboteurs responsible for destroying 60 or more steamboats on the Mississippi River during the Civil War.

    Convicted of destroying a steamer carrying millions of payroll meant for Grant’s forces, sentenced to death, and coming within minutes of hanging, find out how Lincoln’s stay of execution of Robert Louden may have led to a worse maritime disaster than the sinking of Titanic.

    Among the steamboats destroyed on the Mississippi River, the one with the largest single loss of life was the steamer Sultana. The boat had been loaded with over 2000 people, most of them Union POWs returning from Southern prison camps. When the Sultana exploded and burned, as many as 1800 people were killed as many Union soldiers died on the river that night as died on the battlefield of Shiloh. With them died a number of women, children, and civilian men.

    Was it an accident? Or sabotage?

    Excerpt from Sultana: A Case For Sabotage

    Seven miles out of Memphis, at 2:00 a.m. on April 27, 1865, the steamer Sultana chugged northward loaded with over twenty-three hundred people, most of them Union soldiers returning home from southern prison camps. Without warning, an explosion ripped through the boilers, scalding steam burst out, and a shower of flaming coal shot upward into the night, raining down on the crowded boat, which in moments was engulfed in flames. Over seventeen hundred people died, making the destruction of Sultana a maritime disaster worse than the sinking of the Titanic.

    This publication also includes the full-length version of the originally published North & South article, with all footnotes and sources.

    Sultana: A Case Fore Sabotage available in print and Kindle at

    Stars That Sing the Requiem

    Stars That Sing the Requiem

    Women who aren’t the “stay on Earth” types.

    Stars That Sing the Requiem is a science fiction anthology with stories featuring women seeking their own destinies in the future and in space, making sacrifices for themselves and their fellow man. Stories include “Stars That Sing the Requiem,” about the yearning for space and who will stand on another world looking back at this one; “Flowers on the Moon,” Terraforming our own moon; “Silver Lady,” a prose poem about Luna’s embrace; “Silence at the Fall of Night,” a romance between those who never see or touch in the falling darkness of space; “Terra Formation,” when a world must be reshaped catastrophically and quickly for the survival of those in the ships yet to arrive; “Those We Left Behind,” when we turn to the stars, we have to turn our back to all those we leave behind.

    The stories range from hard to soft science fiction. Stars That Sing the Requiem includes four previously published stories, plus two stories making their first published appearance.

    Season of Marvels

    Season of Marvels: Viking Tales

    Vikings past, present, and future.

    Season of Marvels is a Viking-themed science fiction and fantasy short story anthology. Stories include: “Viking-Trojan War,” in which 9th century Vikings and their zombie warriors encounter the University of Southern California Trojans, with a movie deal sure to follow; “The Last Ship,” in which the fate of the Greenland Vikings in the Little Ice Age may have had extraterrestrial cause; “Season of Marvels,” a fantasy story in the style of the Norse sagas, because there’s always a slavering demon in the codfish bin; “Borealis,” a science fiction novella set far in the future in which a young man and his cat attempt to manipulate a Viking-type culture (originally published in Writers of the Future, vol. IX).

    From classic fantasy, to far future science fiction, the Vikings live on.

    Crack in the Sky

    Crack in the Sky

    Your world and reality aren’t always what you thought they were.

    Crack in the Sky is a science fiction and fantasy short story collection with stories looking at worlds that aren’t what the characters expected. Stories include: “Crack in the Sky,” in which a young boy discovers his happy world isn’t what it seems; “Open Enrollment,” with colonists to a new world bypassing those pesky fitness requirements; “Walking the Edge,” reality is more elusive than imagined; “Ghosts,” the tormented ghost of Anne Boleyn still haunts the Tower of London, or does she?; “The Eternal City,” the paradise Johann Stifel expected isn’t quite the one he gets (this Christian-themed story includes some strong language and controversial situations).

    With three previously published stories and two making their first published appearances, Crack in the Sky shows discovery and adventure don’t always make for happy endings.