Stars That Sing the Requiem

Stars That Sing the Requiem

Women who aren’t the “stay on Earth” types.

Stars That Sing the Requiem is a science fiction anthology with stories featuring women seeking their own destinies in the future and in space, making sacrifices for themselves and their fellow man. Stories include “Stars That Sing the Requiem,” about the yearning for space and who will stand on another world looking back at this one; “Flowers on the Moon,” Terraforming our own moon; “Silver Lady,” a prose poem about Luna’s embrace; “Silence at the Fall of Night,” a romance between those who never see or touch in the falling darkness of space; “Terra Formation,” when a world must be reshaped catastrophically and quickly for the survival of those in the ships yet to arrive; “Those We Left Behind,” when we turn to the stars, we have to turn our back to all those we leave behind.

The stories range from hard to soft science fiction. Stars That Sing the Requiem includes four previously published stories, plus two stories making their first published appearance.

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