Crack in the Sky

Crack in the Sky

Your world and reality aren’t always what you thought they were.

Crack in the Sky is a science fiction and fantasy short story collection with stories looking at worlds that aren’t what the characters expected. Stories include: “Crack in the Sky,” in which a young boy discovers his happy world isn’t what it seems; “Open Enrollment,” with colonists to a new world bypassing those pesky fitness requirements; “Walking the Edge,” reality is more elusive than imagined; “Ghosts,” the tormented ghost of Anne Boleyn still haunts the Tower of London, or does she?; “The Eternal City,” the paradise Johann Stifel expected isn’t quite the one he gets (this Christian-themed story includes some strong language and controversial situations).

With three previously published stories and two making their first published appearances, Crack in the Sky shows discovery and adventure don’t always make for happy endings.

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